Netta Jones

Netta Jones originates from Belzoni, MS where her passion for music started. She grew up in a small town that wasn’t known for their musical talent but Netta Jones was a natural born singer! 


She was full of laughter, loved to be outside embracing the fun side of life and staying positive. She was a deep south, southern girl with all the black magic one could find! When she wasn’t outdoors, she would be inside listening to her favorite music.

Growing up, Netta’s go-to artists were Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Anita Baker, and Toni Braxton. It was Erykah Badu who inspired Netta Jones to start her career in singing, although she had already found the power in her voice. She loved the creative videos and how Erykah carried herself as a strong black spiritual queen in the music industry. She felt a strong connection and was deeply inspired by her role model.


When Netta Jones needed peace and relaxation, her safe haven was always music. The rhythm and flow of the drums was enough to take her mind to other dimensions. Her mind and heart would flow in sync when hearing music, later giving her the space to write her thoughts down and transfer them to music. It’s only left for you to interpret the meaning behind her songs. Netta Jones’s music can be heard digitally everywhere.